Layamix studies publications on spanish BOPI. Very interesting information comes out from observing publications on BOPI. Layamix elaborates statistics using this information. These statistics reflects the activity from Agents or Applicants.

  1. Ranking of Agents by counting of Publications.
  2. Evolution of Agents on a timeline


LAYAMIX have been observing the way the OEPM uses BOPI to comunication issues about Intellectual Property. LAYAMIX wants to make eaiser accessing to the data in a global way. LAYAMIX makes groups of publications by agent, indexes the publications and creates reports in a understable format ease to work with.

Our vision

LAYAMIX comes out from worries about fetching data from publications on a grouped way that make wider vision on the diary format of the BOPI publications. A vision that captures publications grouped by agents, applicants or cases.